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Benington now offers two options for secure online payments. You can elect to pay yearly dues in full or to be billed monthly until dues are paid in full. If you choose to be billed monthly, email and let us know, then we can set up PayPal to email you monthly reminders for payments.
Please select your preferred payment method below.

                                                                      Shoot the QR Code!

Thanks to the effort of generous volunteers and responsible homeowners we have kept our quaint neighborhood desirable and well maintained throughout the years. We urge you, as a responsible Benington homeowner, to contribute a minimal monthly or yearly payment to further the maintenance and beautification of our community.


Your minimal payment will go directly towards:

 * Lawn Services & Treatments for Benington’s Common Grounds

* Electrical Lighting for Entrances 1 & 2

* Maintenance of All Benington Entrances Including Landscaping and Gazebo Repairs

* Neighborhood Seasonal Decor for Entrances

* Tree Removal Services and Common Ground Landscaping

* And More


Please do your part in helping us maintain our community while protecting your own home investment and property values as well.

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