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Procerin, Profollica and Hair gro-x brain nootropic Genesis all offer guarantees and shipping of these three products is relatively fast, usually within a week. Biotin is one treatment that works wonders for sufferers. Menopause is another time of change in a woman's life. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved topical treatment for hair loss and gro-x brain nootropic seems to be effective especially when combined with an herbal supplement

That serum helps to repair the damage that has already been done by DHT, making the scalp more receptive to growing back fresh, new hair. Look for foods like beans, carrots, peas, whole grains, gro-x brain nootropic soybeans and eggs. Once your thinning hair is under control, it's time to concentrate on re-growing new hair. Foods such as meat, poultry, and fried foods contain high saturated fat.

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